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Alpha DeFi is a digital asset manager that combines over 20 years of experience in legacy finance with the newest and most cutting edge investment strategies in the world of digital assets. 

Our Infrastructure Stack

Secured On The Terra Blockchain

Synthetic Digital Assets

  • We specialize in portfolio management in the world of mAssets, which are priced using oracles and secured on the Terra blockchain using the Mirror Protocol.

Mirror Protocol

  • MIR is a Terra token that governs the Mirror Protocol which allows the creation of fungible assets, that track the price of real world assets. The project aims to enable 24/7 equities trading by minting “synthetic” versions of the real world assets.

Spar Trading Pools

  • All Alpha DeFi funds and services are held on Spar, a decentralized asset pool management company that allows users to seemlessly connect their crypto wallets to asset managers. SPAR is currently in beta testing and will be rolling out v.1 soon.

Guided by A.I.

  • At Alpha DeFi we combine over 20 years in asset management with our in-house machine learning and data driven models that assist us with the investment decisions made in our portfolios.
The Alpha DeFi Lineup

Fund Offerings on Spar

Astro Fund

  • Benchmarked against the SP500 (mSPY) that aims to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle.

  • A long only strategy with Active Spread Tracking, a system used to identify mAssets that have moved too far from their true Oracle Price for an added layer of Alpha. 

  • Quantitative metrics and machine learning techniques are used to help isolate the best performing mAssets in the available SPAR universe.

  • Astro typically holds anywhere from 5-12 assets at any given time.


  • The SP500 index with a dynamic hedge benchmarked against the SP500 (mSPY).
  • Smart HODL spends most of its time fully invested in mSPY, while  rotating to UST or mVIXY when a hedging signal is received. 
  • Hedge signals with mVIXY can last anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks, and look to provide an investor with broad market exposure while generating Alpha by smoothing out drawdowns.

Spar index

  • A low cost volatility weighted index of all available SPAR mAssets except inverse products such as mVIXY. SPAR index looks to provide clients with smart constructed exposure mix of cryptocurrencies and mStocks.

  • SPAR index is rebalanced monthly on the first New York Stock Exchange trading day of the month. 


Our Team

We were born into the world of legacy finance but have quickly realized that decentralized asset management is the inevitable future of this industry. Our goal is to help build that future and make it as bright as possible.

Ryland Mathews, CFA

Founder & Lead Developer

Barry Anderson

Head of Content & Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum investment?

 There is no minimum investment. The best part about investing in the Terra Ecosystem, is that you can invest as much or as little as you want.

Is Alpha DeFi accepting investors right now?

Currently we are not taking client money because our funds will launch alongside Spar Protocol which is expected to launch sometime in Q4. Our funds will be offered on the SPAR platform starting day 1, and will allow you to connect your TerraStation wallet directly to whichever Alpha DeFi fund you feel is best for your risk tolerance. Currently, there is no set date for Spar Launch, but based on our conversations with the developers it will launch within the next 60 days. 

Is there performance history for Alpha DeFi Funds?

We do not have a performance sheet for 2 out of our 3 DeFi funds that will be launching, simply because they have not been incepted yet.  Day 1 of trading will be day 1 launch on Spar. However for SMART HODL, this strategy comes from legacy finance and has a track record of almost 5 years, which we will be showcasing soon. Ryland and Barry have been trading and involved with hedge funds and RIAs for over 10 years each.

Will Alpha DeFi offer more funds in the future?

Due to the current nature of Mirror, there are a limited number of tradable assets, which consist mainly of mirrored stocks and ETFs. As governance approves more mAssets to be traded, our fund strategies will change in order to achieve the best performing risk adjusted returns for our clients. Also, we anticipate that eventually other protocols built on Terra will be available to us through SPAR for investment opportunities. 

What is the fee structure of Alpha DeFi funds?

Right now we have not made any final decisions on the fee structures for our funds, however they will most likely fall somewhere in the 0.50% – 7.0% range depending on individual fund characteristics and performance.

What is the Alpha DeFi WebApp?

The WebApp is something we are very excited about. We are building a custom dashboard in React powered by our in-house API. Much of the data and content seen on our Twitter page will be available in our WebApp, plus much more. We realize that there are currently other Terra apps out right now but our app will be focused on more actionable data workflows with an emphasis on unique data sets that you won’t find anywhere else. Stay tuned!

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