Our funds

The alpha Defi Lineup

Astro Fund

A long only strategy with Active Spread Tracking benchmarked against the SP500 (mSPY) that aims to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle. Astro uses a series of traditional quantitative metrics and newer machine learning techniques to help isolate the best performing mAssets in the available SPAR universe. Astro typically holds anywhere from 5-12 assets at any given time. While only engaging in long positions, if a hedging signal is received, Astro may purchase an inverse product such as mVIXY or mETHVOL to help smooth out drawdowns. Active Spread Tracking is a system used to identify mAssets that have moved too far from their true Oracle Price for an added layer of Alpha. 

Performance Fee: 2%-7%

smart Moon

The SP500 index with a dynamic hedge benchmarked against the SP500 (mSPY). Smart Index spends most of its time fully invested in mSPY, while  rotating to UST or ANC when a hedging signal is received. Hedge signals can last anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks, and look to provide an investor with broad market exposure while generating Alpha by smoothing out drawdowns. alphaDefi's hedging signals come from several in-house traditional and machine learning models. With the current assets available, Smart Index will use mVIXY or UST position to achieve the desired hedge.

Performance Fee: 2%-5%

Spar index

A low cost volatility weighted index of all available SPAR mAssets except inverse products such as mVIXY and mETHVOL. SPAR index looks to provide clients with smart constructed exposure mix of cryptocurrencies and mStocks. SPAR index is rebalanced monthly on the first New York Stock Exchange trading day of the month. 

Performance Fee: .2%-.5%